Our Worship Service

trinity11smOur Sunday Service is the time when Trinity gathers together as a family to worship. We celebrate the Holy Eucharist service in the Book of Common Prayer.  Our service blends the rich tradition of Episcopal liturgy with inspiring music and relevant preaching.

Visitors are very welcome at Trinity, and we invite our guests to stand and introduce themselves at the start of the service so that we can welcome you.  We also hope you will join us for fellowship and refreshments following the service so that we can get to know you!

We have a strong tradition of lay leadership, and you’ll find that our congregants are very involved in leading or assisting in worship as lectors, chalice bearers, intercessors, ushers,greeters, or as altar guild, choir, or worship committee members.  Contact us if you’d like to get involved!

We use a the church season’s liturgy from the Book of Common Prayer, as well as a bulletin for hymns, collects, and other portions of the service that change from week to week.

Children are a vital part of the Trinity family.  We encourage parents to enroll their young children aged 3-7 in our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program, which uses a Montessori-like approach to Christian formation. This takes place from 9-10:15, and then during the service, the children have the opportunity to  reinforce not only the concepts of worship as an integral part of family life together, but also the concepts that have come from the work in the Atrium, the name given to the progam’s space.

During the past several Sundays we have focused on several things in the Atrium. The children are beginning to learn more about the liturgy so that they can participate more fully in it. They have learned about the gesture of the peace and in passing the peace they are experiencing that the love of God is joyful and something we want to share. They have been taught that as they shake hands with another person, they say, “God’s peace be with you” or “The peace of the Lord be with you” and the response is “and also with you”. The children are growing in their understanding that when we receive God’s peace and pass it on, it brings us together as a community as we come to the Eucharist. Please encourage your children to join in during the passing of the peace with you and others.

The children are also learning about and experiencing different forms of prayer, including spoken prayer, sung prayer, written prayer in the form of prayer cards, and prayers using our body. As an example of the latter, they have learned how to make the sign of the cross and as they make the sign of the cross they say: “God is in our mind, Jesus is in our heart and the Holy Spirit surrounds us”. Please encourage them and join with them as they pray in different ways.

The children are also learning about the geography of Israel in preparation for the infancy narratives which they will hear during Advent. They are learning about three important cities in Israel: Nazareth, where Jesus’ coming was announced; Bethlehem, where he was born, and Jerusalem, where he died and rose again. We have done a lot of geography related work in the Atrium and if the children have shown you their maps, you will notice different symbols for the cities. The dove is the symbol for Nazareth because that is where the angel told Mary she would become pregnant with Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. A star is the sign for Bethlehem because a star shone above the place where Jesus was born and a cross is the sign for Jerusalem because that is where Jesus was died and rose. They are also learning about the different regions of Israel, such as Galilee and Samaria, and important bodies of water, such as the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River. This helps them understand that Jesus, though fully God, was also a person who was born and lived in a specific place.

During Advent, we will be focusing on two of the infancy narratives: the Annunciation and the Nativity. In addition, we will be learning about and experiencing together what it means to prepare for Christmas.